Thursday, October 19, 2006

Toast, and Things of the Simple Life.

I love the smell of toast... something from my childhood, possibly those many hours as a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons... and eating toast and jam. What is it about specific smells, or music that can evoke long forgotten memories. Many such memory flashbacks are of simple things in life, like toast.

I have always been a fan of Steely Dan for years. So many of their songs played parts in burning special memories into my brain. Playing the songs keeps providing me with just as many images that I have remembered. Here is one of my favorate.. I was playing this on the MP3 player when I took these photos. DOWNLOAD Dr. Wu.

This week I experiment with what is known as "Camera Painting"

Camera painting is simple, set the shutter to a small f-stop like f22 and set the exposure time to a large 2 seconds. Then move the camera in a motion that paints the scene.........

Autumn #1

Fall has the special smell too. After the first couple of days past labour day, the leaves give every child their first hint for the start of the school year.

Autumn # 2

Autumn #3

Finally as frost sets in, the smell starts me thinking about Christmas, family and the long nights ahead.

I am off to make some toast... it has been a long time since I smeared my mother's home made jam on a peice of toast... simple things are most often the best things.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Back to the Studio

I got my films back.. I built a new studio lighting rig with various spots, fixtures and coloured filters... To celebrate here is a tune from what is arguably one of the greatest Jazz albums ever written.. DOWNLOAD: "A Love Supreme" By John Coltrane.

The hand... it molds, it moves, it creates. Its soft touch is felt as it gently slides down the smooth surfaces of objects in comes in play with....

The sun... it warms, it feeds, it gives us life energy. Its glow in the early morning or late evening can elicit emotion that nurtures the soul.

The cup... is made by the hand, baked by the sun, and can hold dreams of desire or nightmares of sorrow.

The fruit... is fed by the sun, sowed by the hand, and contained in the cup. Its taste can please the soul and tempt the heart.

hey.. the poetry sucks but the music is great!!!

See ya next week.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I normally like this time of year.. it is my favorate time... it means change!

First we need music.. some Jazz...
DOWNLOAD: "So What" By Miles Davis.
Now, pull up a chair.. we are back at my cottage... in the north woods.. on the lake... the Stereo is playing....

Thanksgiving in Canada is a fall festival.. the kind they have pretty much everywhere to celebrate the harvest and give thanks. ... I only need to look at the scenery, listen to Mr. Davis.. have some good friends, good wine, good food..... hell man! Why not give thanks!

I am doing the 330Km trek Friday... up to the cottage with family and friends... I'll be back Sunday... I really wish everyone happy harvest time... and I wish you where with me.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sam's Wedding... The Actual Truth. Part 3 of 3

This is a Bride:
And this is a Groom:
And this is the Brides Mom and the lady who fell down the stairs:
And this is a Bride:

This lady is into Satan worship

These three guys own and operate a shrimping boat....

None of these fine people where actually at Sam's wedding reception, but they were enjoying their own wedding receptions at the same place as Sam.... Why... What were you thinking?

And it was important.. Because in introduces today's music... which is from an Acadian musician who lives in Hamilton... In the music you can here the basis for the Zydeco they might play on a shrimping boat. DOWNLOAD: "Trinques L’amourettes" By Scantily Plaid.

I started this whole thing with a nice photo of Sam.. I am going to end it that way too... So here is Sam's parents... What do you think they are thinking? Their daughter is getting married!!!

I mean I have a daughter too... but I am buying her intended Groom a ladder...

This is the inside of the church....

Here is a wide shot of everyone waiting... we do alot of that a weddings don't we... we wait for the previous wedding to end so we get a seat, we wait for the ushers, we wait for the bride, we wait for the religious services to be over, we wait for the preist, the photographer, the church to clear... hell we even wait for the bartender

For this shot I wanted the Bride, her Mom, and Her Dad to be small in the photo and give it a feeling of being overwhelmed at the whole thing..

And finally...... Mr and Mrs Muscat

The last song is fitting.... It is by Tangerine Dream DOWNLOAD: "Dolphin Dance" .

The End.... The Middle.... The Beginning... Your choice. We all live on this planet in our own realities....