Sunday, November 12, 2006

I bought a new Camera

Ok... after processing film through the scanner, I noticed that my work flow is not quick. Especially with Sam's wedding, and Thanksgiving (where I lost a complete roll of film due to the camera being setup wrong)
The Film workflow:
Compose->Shoot->Send To lab-> wait->get films back-> review-> scan-> adjust-> upload.

A couple of weeks ago... I went a little kooky. You know.... Shit happened, life got all screwed up and I could not figure out why.... The cure for this???

You go shopping..... and you buy something! Sometimes... you buy something BIG!

I did it... I went out, and bought a high-end digital camera... The shots below are from the new camera.

High-end is a funny term..... even though it is still a Nikon, the lenses they make for these things don't allow super close photos. But.. since it is a high-end Nikon, it will allow me to use all my high-end lenses from my film cameras. That's right... I still use the damn thing set in "Manual" mode to get the best shots.

I will still shoot film, especially medium format. But a lot of the quick stuff I need, they will most likely be digital.

The Digital workflow:
Compose->Shoot->review->adjust-> upload.