Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scenes From Africa.

It is sunny and 23 degrees C here in Hamilton, and it has been like that for a week. I thought we would check out the ZIMSCULPT exhibit at the Royal Botanical gardens. ZIMSCULPT is a Sculpture exhibit from Zimbabwe, Africa.

There are over 300 sculptures set up throughout the gardens.

The stone the artists use is a lot like soap stone, and comes in various colours.

Each sculpture tells a different story, or depicts ancient African mythology.

Some of the artists also demonstrated their carving techniques.

They were also selling most of the sculptures..... The Price?

Anywhere from $1000 to $12000 ... Yikes!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Failure is an important function in life. In my case, failure is an ongoing process that pops its ugly head in and out every once in a while.
It is only because I keep trying, sometimes relentlessly that I begin to learn, and thus end up succeeding the next time. Take the photo below.

Yea, it is a light bulb. However, it is one of 9 that were sacrificed to get this one shot (I replaced everything in the house with compact fluorescent bulbs. Hummm, what to do with the old bulbs??). And it is still not a great shot. I have seen photos like this one that were perfectly in focus, very sharp and the entire bulb was in the photo. And I was shooting at 5 frames per second, with 1000 watts of light.

It is not the equipment..... It is a setback. It is like a lot of things in life, we can't always get want we want.

But the good news?

My music server is back, heating my garage and supplying music once again.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Big Bus

I left you last week on the streets of Toronto. Remember the "Rat Pack" from the 1960s... Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Peter Lawford, Dean Martin, and Joey Bishop?

One thing stands out about the "Rat Pack"... they were cool!

For Cam and Amanda's wedding, I could not derive a theme... until I got the films back from a new medium format camera I was using.... then it hit me.....We are going to ride on a big bus with the "Rat Pack of the 2000s"...

Ok, so we are at the church, and we go outside....
Now Cam and Amanda did not have a limo.....

They had a big, big bus.... it was like driving around in a lounge at the airport....

It had a kitchenette, bathroom, satellite TV, Satellite radio, Satellite guided, radio tripping bus driver... I mean, it was a big, big cool bus.

Everyone on the bus just looked cool...

Or they looked like attractive cool stars.....

The pack posing outside a church... just looked cool.

Hell, walking down the street.... they just looked cool

Even the kid who started the bus ride.... looked cool.

I love black and white film.... it too, is cool.

See you next week for part three .....