Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Answers

I thought I would post these now....
(because everyone is bugging me)

The format for the answers is:
Photo = Camera, So....

C=5 (yup, a cheap 2mp digital camera... on a tripod)
D=3 (An even cheaper point & shoot but with a great macro lens)

So, don't worry about the camera....... savor the moments!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Match Game

Someone at work came up to me and said that they really like a couple of my photos, and that I must have a really expensive camera in order to "take such good pictures". Well truth be told, I have a lot of really nice cameras, but only one is worth a bit of money if it were new. Most of the cameras I have are several years old, and many of them can be had on Ebay for under $200. In fact I have only 1 new camera, the average age of all my other cameras are 18 years old, and the oldest camera I use is now 30 years old. One person who used a Canon G5 digital camera (point and shoot) even accused me of "Cheating" when they saw my Nikon D200. What the hell the person meant by "cheating" I don't know.... I did not want to prompt for clarification....

The point here is that it is not the camera that makes the photo.... it is the moment that makes the photo. All cameras work basically the same, and Canon is not better than Nikon and Digital is not better than film.... or visa-versa. You choose cameras like you would choose a power tool, a car, or a dish washer. You look for features that meet your needs and then you compare prices.

Since I started this blog, there were only a few times that I ever stated which particular camera was used to make the photo with....In fact, I bet many people out there may have thought I was either strictly using digital, or still shooting film. The real fact is, I use both and I don't think anyone could tell. So let's play a game.... a match game where I post a set of photos and you the reader, try to pick the camera that I made the photo with. Oh yea... music... hummm, how about: DOWNLOAD: Waltz for Stan. By Stan Getz (from the album Apasionado).

Here are the photos (you can click on them to make them bigger)

(A) Heading Home

(B) Making Plans

(C) Parry Sound Sunset

(D) Becks

(E) Becky

(F) Christmas

(G) Hamilton Evening

(H) Daffodil

And here are the cameras:

(1) Yashica Mat 124 G. Medium Format film 6x6cm (1977)
This camera is completely mechanical, with manual focus, aperture, and shutter but has a basic needle-type light meter.

(2) Mamiya RB67 Pro-s. Medium Format film 6x7cm (1994)
This camera is a mechanical professional grade medium format camera, and completely manual in operation... there is not even a built-in light meter!

(3) Nikon Zoom 90 (2001)
This camera is a 35mm film point and shoot, and great for "snap-shots".

(4) Canon A1. 35mm film (1986)
This camera is electro-mechanical with manual focus and electronic exposure and shutter control.

(5) Canon Powershot A60. A 2 Mega-pixel Digital point and shoot (2004)
This camera is completely automatic digital.

(6) Nikon D200. Digital SLR (2006)
This camera is a professional grade 10 Mega-pixel SLR Camera .

(7) Nikon F3. 35mm film (1991)
This camera is electro-mechanical with manual focus and electronic exposure and shutter controls. it was Nikon's last professional grade manual focus SLR.

(8) Nikon FM2n. 35mm film (1984)
This camera is completely mechanical with a manual focus and basic light meter.

I will post the answers next week...........