Sunday, February 18, 2007

One Winter Day

I decided to head out and check out the activities around my city. The big Lake, Lake Ontario, never freezes over... it is simply too large a body of water to freeze in the short frozen part of our winters. Burlington Bay though, is another story. It freezes over in January, and February every year.

Ok.... the steel mills detract from the wonderful view.... But you get the idea.

Out in the woods, deep snows make for a treacherous hike in the woods. Most of the animals are in the later stages of hibernation, and the summer birds have flown south for the warmer waters....

Ok... just not here! While people utilize the smaller bays and inlets for winter sport, the damn geese decide that the clearing on the ice makes for a great landing zone.. no doubt someone is feeding them too!

Oh look.... did I say that animals should be in the later stages of hibernation? Apparently this little guy did not get the memo.... He most likely watched Al Gore's film on Global Warming...

Out on the bay, folks are skating, skiing and .........

Ok... this is the coolest thing I saw out on the bay.

The dudes (and a dudette) had these huge para-foil kites and when combined with a snowboard, made for some serious high speed runs down the bay..... Sometimes the "pilots" even caught some airtime!

Just another Sunday in Hamilton....... gotta get me one of those kite thingys....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Big Snow

You wake up early in the morning........ your car is buried under a meter of snow. We usually get a major snow storm every year.... and usually marks the end of winter! This is my neighbors car.... I still had to find mine.

This snow storm dumped almost 70 Cm of snow in just under 30 hours time. I hope the roof is strong.....

You don't dare go anywhere until the plows have cleared off the side streets... the main roads are cleared first.... but you still have to wait until they visit your street.... sometimes that can take several hours..... after the snow has stopped falling.

In the meantime..... while you wait ....... you can at least admire the natural beauty and drink warm cups of coffee.

But then you still have to dig out your own damn car....... I can't wait until next week as all of this will be gone.